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Web Design Services


Web services for implementing graphics in a way accessible to all users and designed to maintain and direct them to your site through easy navigation and intuitive.

Principles followed :

  • professional image
  • intuitive interface
  • universal accessibility
  • flexible architecture
  • fast charging

Content Management Systems

Solutions and web services to increase the number of functions that the site can meet and reduce the use and management of resources needed .

  • Essential Blogs
  • Sites presentation
  • Virtual Catalogs
  • Content portals


E -Commerce Solutions Web

Services to conduct commerce through features such as :

  • Shopping virtual
  • Reviews and product notes personalized recommendations
  • Stock control
  • Products Localization and Internationalization
  • Coupons and discounts favored
  • Calculator Shipping costs
  • Purchase without registration
  • checkout on one page
  • bank card processing
  • Generate printable invoices
  • Price comparison

Web Application Developement


The web like any other IT business is in continuous developement.So for your website to be a usefull tool it must be up to date: design and features wise.We can upgrade your website so it can look better, load faster and suit your today needs.

Examples of upgrades :

  • re-branding: new logo and website
  • compatibility with mobile devices
  • photo or video gallery
  • general improvements

Custom App

Web services integration site in your business workflow through an application tailored to your needs.
A website must not only look good, there are many functions that it can perform to improve your work. Each project has its requirements and we can implement customized solutions to those needs.

Examples of custom apps :

  • hotel, restaurant reservation app
  • car dealership auto configuration app
  • adds or jobs portal

Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization

Services web site placement in a position superior to competing on the result pages of search engines , code optimization techniques .
Achieving higher positions in the result pages of search engines by increasing the relevance of the code , content and site structure .

  • Competition Assessment
  • online research relevant keywords
  • Include keywords in sites HTML tags
  • Restatement site content
  • Formatting friendly URLs
  • Creating and registering a XML Sitemap
  • Planning Link Building Strategies
  • Monitoring and reporting progress over time

Search Engine Marketing

Web services continues to attract new visitors through an advertising campaign cost-effective and focused on those seeking services and products such as those offered.

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Performance pay only
  • Audiences specific filtering potential customers
  • Financial flexibility, budget manageable
  • Coverage huge – Google

Social Media Marketing

Web services to promote the social networks through paid advertising campaigns or making viral content and applications. 

Graphic Design Services

Logo Design

Coca-Cola or Mercedes, Nike and Audi are all brands that have made ​​history. We can all recognize the logos of hundreds. They have a strong visual impact on anyone.The same must be the image of your company. It’s not hard.If want your corporate identity to be recognizable and admired, contact us. In a short time, you will enjoy a better image and you will be appreciated by your customers and business partners.

What you get :

  • vectorial logo
  • 3 different variations
  • 3 reviews

Identity/ Branding

By a creative and professional image of your business you will capture the attention of visitors and build trust granted to make the difference.Branding means:logo, business card, brochure, flyer, letter head, envolopes. 

Domains and Hosting


The first thing on your list for beeing online is a domain name.Here you can get it.

Domain Names :

  • .com
  • .eu
  • .org
  • .info
  • .your country


You need to be online all the time.Your website needs a very good load time and all the modules to work fine, without your everyday intervetion.We have high end servers for that and 24/7 support.

Maintainance Services

Pay as you go

Your website doesn’t needs everyday update.So we can help you make the changes you need when ever you need.The fee is, in most cases, 35 euro/ hour.

Monthly Subscription

Every minute your business is taking a break counts, so you want to make sure that all changes are made fast and on a daily base.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not spam in any ways.

Thank you for contacting us :)

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